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Story #1

Lilit is 25 years old and has a 5 year old son. For many years she was in a domestic violence relationship when her husband would beat and humiliate her amongst other abusive things. Her husband was also a regular user of alcohol and drugs and in Lilit’s own words “he would become a real monster when he used [alcohol and drugs]. When he would beat her he would intentionally hit her head and face, he once shoved her into a wardrobe and tried to strangle her to death.

After yet another cruel beating Lilit was left home alone and managed to escape the house with her son and go to the police, from where she was referred to the Women’s Support Center immediately.

After initial assessment, by the WSC professional team, it was clear that she is experiencing heavy trauma, her health and mental state were distorted, and her attitude towards her future was alarmingly hopeless. She was admitted to the WSC Safe House, received socio-psychological counseling to heal and afterwards to redefine her goals for the future. The WSC social workers also escorted her to the necessary medical centers to regain her physical health. Her son received sociological counseling once a week and slowly started showing signs of psychological recovery; and restarted attending kindergarten. Lilit was registered at the state unemployment agency and after regaining her self-confidence and self-esteem and having clear goals for the future, she left the shelter. She was hired as a part time nanny/house worker with a one year contract. Her working hours and conditions not only allow her to be with her son and dedicate time to raising him but also allow her to bring her son to work on occasion.

The WSC is in contact with Lilit on a regular basis for monitoring and general support purposes, as well as for the continuation of her psychological counseling over the phone with the WSC psychologist.