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Domestic Violence Case Trial

Domestic Violence Case Trial

After a one year trial, Hasmik Khachatryan’s domestic violence case against her husband of nine years went to the Republic of Armenian Court of Appeals and is currently being examined. The ex-husband consistently and severely beat her, broke several of her bones, extinguished cigarettes on her body, and threated to kill her and her parents. The first instance court, despite all evidence pointing towards extreme domestic abuse, ignored the facts and condemned the perpetrator to a minimal one and half year prison time. Later, the abuser fell under the general presidential amnesty and thus he was set free. After the pardon, the abuser continued his violent behavior and attempted to burn down his parent’s house causing them material and physical harm, for which he is currently in police custody.

Hasmik’s case, defended by WSC legal team, is one of the rare occasions when the domestic violence survivor goes public and is covered extensively by the media. Hasmik empowered by the WSC program of counseling became a spokesperson against domestic abuse. Such trials are unique opportunities not only to raise awareness to women about domestic violence but also to point out the need for prevention of domestic violence through a stand-alone law and the need for stricter punishments for the perpetrators.

Sample of media coverage of this case:
1. http://armenianweekly.com/2014/06/03/domestic-violence-armenia/
2. http://www.epress.am/en/2015/02/25/domestic-violence-case-verdict-appealed-by-all-parties-perpetrator-in-prison-on-different-charges.html