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Russia’s Dirty Play: OP-ED by Maro Matosian

March 15, 2017

New Case of Femicide: Discussion at Azatutyun Radio

Our project coordinator Hasmik Gevorgyan participated in a discussion at Azatutyun radio which was dedicated to the recent horrible murder in the Manusaryan family. Sadly, abused woman went to the Police for several times and asked for help, however this did not stop the abuser. Hasmik emphasized that the Police does not have enough functions that would allow effective DV prevention. This is yet another terrific evidence that the DV law is an urgent issue and prolongation costs lives.
The discussion is available here: http://www.azatutyun.am/a/27858600.html

July 18, 2016


On July 15th, WSC’s Executive Director Maro Matosian was a penalist at the conference organized by Partnership for Open Society. The discussion was dedicated to the perspectives of civil society on EU-Armenia Relations. Maro Matosian presented women rights and budgeting needs in Armenia.

July 18, 2016

Protest in front of the Court

On June 13th, the staff of Women’s Support Center took part in a protest together with the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Women in front of the Administrative Court of Shengavit. The protest aimed to raise public awareness about ineffectiveness of our court systems, which made it possible for the abuser to murder the mother of his wife and to heavily injure the father and the wife. Absence of DV law costs lives, the adoption of the DV law should not be postponed.

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July 18, 2016

Press Conference Dedicated to Femicide Report

Yesterday a press conference took place at Media Center that was dedicated to the first femicide report in Armenia. The report is sponsored by the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Women, and the author of the report is Women’s Support Center’s data analyst Ani Jilozian. Here are several most important points from the report:
· From 2010 to 2015 there were at least 30 cases of femicide in Armenia
· From 30 cases at least in 19 women were killed either by means of a knife or a blunt object

· 26 murders were carried out at home
A law criminalizing domestic violence and mechanisms of referral and treatment of domestic violence cases is absolutely critical in sending a strong message that criminalized behavior is unacceptable in Armenian society.
The press conference is available in Armenian language here:


The report in English is available here:


May 31, 2016

WSC Researcher and Writer Ani Jilozian authored Armenia’s first ever femicide report, published by the Coalition to Stop Violence Against Women, which records the death of women killed by intimate partners and family members and sheds light on acts of violence that are uniquely experienced by women in Armenia. Describing in depth the lethality risk factors and systemic impunity and injustice in the Armenian context, the report is intended to be used as a tool for change in the community. You can find the report here: http://coalitionagainstviolence.org/en/femicide-en/

May 16, 2016

Positive Thinking Session

The Women’s Support Center organized an event on positive thinking on March 19th at Akanat Cafe. Around thirty women’s rights activists, engaged citizens, students, and professionals from a variety of fields participated and shared their experiences with one another. Psychologist and conflict resolution specialist Arshaluys Mushkambaryan led the workshop and spoke about the generational transmission of trauma and the power of positive thinking and shared positive coping strategies with the group.

March 26, 2016

Presentation by Maro Matosian in Philadelphia

On March 19th Executive Director of WSC Maro Matosian gave a presentation in Philadelphia to the local ARS chapters and President of ARS International Caroline Chamamvonian on the status of women in Armenia. The audience was engaged and eager to support our efforts to combat gender inequality and domestic violence in Armenia.

March 26, 2016

Our Executive Director Maro Matosian at the 60th UN Commission on the Status of Women

On March 14 WSC Executive Director Maro Matosian presented a paper at the 60th UN Commission on the Status of Women on a panel sponsored by the Armenian International Women’s Association entitled “Challenges and successes of economic empowerment in Armenia”. During this time, Maro discussed the challenges that women face in achieving economic empowerment as well as the need for policy reform and greater safety nets for Armenian women.

March 26, 2016

Living Feminism: An Open Discussion on Feminism in our Everyday Lives

The Women’s Support Center organized an event on March 15th at Aeon cafe entitled “Living Feminism: An Open Discussion on Feminism in our Everyday Lives”. Panelists Armine Arakelian, a political scientist and international lawyer, Anna Shahnazaryan, a feminist and environmental activist, and Florence Low, a feminist activist who studies the representation of women in media, came together to talk about their personal experiences that have shaped their feminism, the significance of International Women’s Day, and thoughts about the burgeoning women’s movement in Armenia. Thirty individuals from various backgrounds participated in the discussion and shared their views on creating safe spaces, politicizing feminist ethics, and strategies to act against the countermovement, among other themes. Many expressed interest in continuing the dialogue and organizing similar open discussions on a regular basis.

March 26, 2016