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Abuse and Children

Each year, more than 3,000,000 children witness domestic violence in their homes, placing them at risk. Even when the abuse is directed towards their mother and not them, they can get hurt inadvertently as they jump in the middle or cling to their parent during the abuse. Infants who are exposed to abuse in the home are affected.

The longer the violence continues, the deeper and enduring the effects on the children will become. Children who are growing up around domestic violence may blame themselves and feel confused by their feelings of anger, sadness, fear, and love. They may suffer from emotional or developmental problems. They learn from what they see and may think that abuse is okay or that adults don’t take responsibility for their own actions. Sadly, boys who witness abuse are more likely to become batterers as teenagers or adults, transformed from young witnesses into potential abusers.

Children need to grow up in a loving atmosphere, where unnecessary fear, low self-esteem, and violence are strangers. WSC can help children to deal with their difficult feelings and plan for their safety.